Cloud Lunch & Learn Marathon

A global online tech conference created to provide an inclusive and diverse environment to enable anyone to learn about the Cloud.
We aim to deliver sessions on many topics related to the Cloud, including AI, Cloud Native, Blockchain, IoT, Data & BigData, Security, DevOps, GitHub, Backend, Frontend, Power Platform and, more.
The event will run continuously for 24 hours on the 13th and 14th of May. We will work to provide the best conditions to the community to attend the event while minimizing the impact on their daily routines.
The event will deliver live sessions using the various Cloud Lunch and Learn channels. Also, if some people cannot attend the live sessions, we will provide pre-recorded sessions using our Youtube channel so that anyone can watch the content later at any time.

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In this session, I will take the audience on how to setup a basic but fully functional build and release pipeline on Azure DevOps with Github for Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. When connected to Azure and hundreds of other apps, Microsoft Power Platform enables you to quickly deliver value and clear your app backlog. We will explore the different app services including Function App, Logic App, and Web App to see how big the arms of Power Platform and Azure App services are to accommodate the features we want.

Preserving privacy when processing data from multiple sources with machine learning is always a challenge. Organizations may want to perform collaborative data analytics while guaranteeing the privacy of their individual datasets. Combining multiple data sources to support a better algorithmic outcome improves accuracy of prediction, but it may come at cost of confidentiality, if sensitive information is not accurately protected. Azure Confidential Computing adds new data security capabilities to the Cloud and specifically to machine learning processing. By using trusted execution environments (TEE) to protect your data while in use, with confidential computing, you can use machine learning algorithms across different organizations to better train models, without revealing the processed data. This session presents the benefits of confidential computing in a Machine Learning solution, where different financial institutes share their confidential datasets for data analysis and credit risk prediction using the ML.NET library, and still mask any sensitive information to protect the privacy of their customers, preventing any potential data leakage.

Shakir Khan will discuss the Power Virtual Agent and its presence within Power Platform. Then demonstrate a real world example by creating 'Power Virtual Agent' from scratch and deploying in MS Teams.

Education is widely misunderstood. Even training is often side-lined in projects. In this session Gill Walker will take questions from anyone involved in the education side of a Azure or Dynamics or similar LOB (line of business) software project. If you are involved in designing, planning or delivering education or training, come to this session to ask and learn.


We will create a full-stack application using Blazor WebAssembly with the help of EF Core database first approach. We will create a sample Employee Record Management System and perform CRUD operations on it. We will use a form to accept the user inputs. The form will have client-side validations and contains a dropdown list, which will bind to a database table. We will also provide a filter option to the user to filter the employee records based on employee name. We will cover the following concepts in this talk: 1. What is Blazor WebAssembly? 2. Creating the DB layer for the application 3. Scaffolding the models using EF Core DB first approach 4. Creating UI Layer 5. Form validations 6. CRUD operations 7. Execution demo


Developing the ETL Feed data using Cloud services.


This exercise will take you through how you can build a real-time dashboard in Power BI. Without code, you can use Power BI to create beautiful visuals to display your data. With help from Power Automate, you can see the changes in Power BI occur before your eyes! The exercise will demonstrate a scenario using Microsoft Forms. You can use the tools to collect survey responses, send it to Power BI, and view the feedback immediately in your dashboard. Whether you're completely new to Power BI or just want to see what's possible with real-time dashboards, this exercise is friendly for all levels.

In this session, I will help the audience on how to plan for MS certifications and then how to execute the plan for maximum benefit


Review the history of human data processing and how to analyze data now

In this session, Sudhanshu will share his thoughts on the Robotics & Intelligent Automation space and where its headed. From his years of experience, Sudhanshu will spare some best practices and lessons learned with scaling the Intelligent Automation across large organizations.

Many companies believe administering a SQL Server in the cloud is the same as administering a SQL Server on premises and that is a big mistake. Optimizing, Monitoring, Security, there are many differences on the administration you will learn during this session, allowing you to become a better cloud DBA.

In this session, I will cover the security recommendations that you should follow for establishing a secure baseline configuration for Microsoft PAAS components such as Azure App Service, Azure SQL, Storage Account etc on your Azure Subscription.

In this session how the Power Virtual Agents are created, key terms, and core concepts. You will learn how to configure a virtual agent with Power Virtual Agents in minutes, not days.

Is there a way that we can build our Synapse Data Pipelines all with parameters all based on MetaData? Yes there's and I will show you how to. During this session I will show how you can load Incremental or Full datasets from your sql database to your Azure Data Lake. The next step is that we want to track our history from these extracted tables. We will do using Delta Lake. The last step that we want, is to make this data available in Azure SQL Database or Azure Synapse Analytics. Oh and we want to have some logging as well from our processes A lot to talk and to demo about during this session.

I will share my views on Digital Transformation at workplace. And how I see the current challenges in Digitalization and execute the change while focussing on people

微软这样一家44岁已经步入中年的公司,能够在不惑之年取得万亿市值,迎来第二春,看上去好似非常轻松,却也让很多目光盯住互联网公司光环的人大跌眼镜...... 凭什么这样一家已经“过时”、“臃肿”、“毫无创新”的公司能够超越光鲜亮丽的苹果、才华横溢的谷歌和充满睿智的IBM,实现万亿市值?微软到底是凭借什么实现了自己的华丽转身?这恐怕是每个人都想要探寻的问题。 本次分享将从微软自己的敏捷和DevOps转型经历说起,讲述微软CEO萨提亚如果帮助微软这家拥有6万员工的“传统”软件企业按下“刷新”按钮,如果通过 One Engineering System (1ES) 重塑微软自己工程实践,引领微软进入云时代。作为一家市值超过万亿美金的已经运作了44年的老牌IT企业,微软被大家贴上了很多标签,这次分享将帮助各位将这些标签一个个的揭下,带给大家一个全新的微软。 最后,现场撸代码,搭建流水线和云环境,一同体验微软成熟的DevOps工具链与Azure云结合在一起所提供的顺滑的端到端开发,测试和持续交付的体验。参加分享的小伙伴请携带笔记本和个人网络热点。 1. 深入了解微软数字化转型成功背后的文化支撑 2. 探寻企业敏捷/DevOps转型的策略性思考 3. 现场体验业界最成熟的DevOps工具链和云环境所提供的端到端效能提升

Power Virtual Agents allows you to create your own chatbot within minutes, using a no-code interface. If you're already a Microsoft Teams user, it's something you can get started with straight away. There are endless possibilities on what you can build, including chatbots to submit employee requests, create tasks or log helpdesk tickets for yourself and colleagues. It’s like having your very own personal assistant. Not only are they fun to build, but it opens up a lot of opportunities for transforming how you work.

In this session, I will cover how to deploy WAF in Azure Application Gateway & Azure Front door to secure your web applications. I will also cover features of WAF, different rulesets, logging mechanism of Azure WAF

Whenever Azure services need to work together, there are secrets involved, as well as service accounts. Azure offers several solutions to achieve this goal, being Service Principals and Managed Identities. But the use cases are sometimes confusing, to find out when to use what, what they do, and how to use them. That's exactly what you will learn in this session from Peter, Azure Technical Trainer at Microsoft, in this demo-packed presentation.

DevOps was introduced a little over 10 years ago. It seemed like the silver bullet to resist the competition of disruptive start-ups. Now Cloud is changing the game again! The time has come to act, and it has to be done soon. In my talk I will explain the why and the how.

Do you develop SharePoint solutions? Bring the power of SharePoint-based apps and intranet home site directly into Microsoft Teams. In this session, we will explore to extend your SharePoint solutions to MS Teams.

Technical introduction of Microsoft Azure, from IaaS to PaaS, Serverless and DBaaS. explaining the Various Azure Services and How does Azure Work, such as -Compute Services -Networking -Storage -Security Exploring the various uses of Azure

The digital transformation in Supply Chain is becoming the new fundamental to empower the growth for every industry in China. The session will cover why the enterprise needs the modern supply chain, what innovative solutions we build on Microsoft clouds, and how to enable the new growth energy in China. Meanwhile, the China best practices and case studies will be shared.

I will be explaining technologies in minimal time in more context way. The Session will Include Technologies like Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker, Virtualization, Etc in layman's concept, being a learner i feel i can explain better.

A brief 15 minute lightning talk offering a general overview of what the Cloud Adoption Framework is and how it can be utilised to help your organisation prepare for your cloud journey.

In this session, we’ll navigate through a typical journey when designing the architecture of a cloud solution and consider the decisions that we may wish to make at various stages. Alongside that, we’ll factor in how requirements and design patterns can help influence our overall design.

Deploying an environment comes with many challenges, especially when you quickly need to set up your workload, but also capturing continuous changes, or providing different environments like dev/test, staging and production. Maybe even across on-premises and public cloud platforms. If you want to optimize this process end-to-end, that's where DevOps CI/CD comes in, an automated process, involving people, providing value to the business by releasing products. Learn from Peter De Tender, Business Program Manager at Microsoft, what Azure DevOps can do to bring some magic to your day-to-day deployments, whether sysadmin or developer.

I'll be demonstrating how to start using the world's second most popular language in Azure.

Every organization cross in industries is experiencing digital disruption. Digital transformation is buzzword , there are a lot of people think it is about technology. However, Digital Transformation is a lot of more than technology and IT. VeriSM is model describe each aspect of digital transformation with its management mesh . Such as resources, environment, management practice and emerging technologies.

Today, nearly all websites/web applications are developed with a mix of technologies like front-end with JavaScript (or similar languages that trans-pile to it) and back-end with Node JS, .NET, Java, etc. That’s fine, but there’s no good reason to learn so many things if we can develop a full-stack application using just one language and framework. In this session we will be talking about how we can architect a full stack web application using all .NET Technologies. In this talk, we will learn about : 1) What is .NET Framework 2) Types of applications we can build using .NET frameworks 3) A futuristic application architecture sample 4) Key considerations for fully .NET architecture 5) Open Challenges with fully .NET architecture 6) Small Demo of Full-Stack .NET Web application architecture.

Unit testing, python and serverless are amazing. I'll show you how to combine them for amazing results.

An introduction to financial topics to help sellers or solution specialists initiate conversations with the customer’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) related to the economic benefits of a cloud transformation. This will help you articulate value in the customer’s context, guiding your customer to understand how Azure on a high level can have a positive impact on their financial position.

With machine learning becoming more and more an engineering problem the need to track, work together and easily deploy ML experiments with integrated CI/CD tooling is becoming more relevant then ever. In this session we take a deep-dive into Azure Machine Learning service, a cloud service that you can use to track as you build, train, deploy, and manage models. We zoom into the building blocks provided and show, through some demos, how to use them. At the end of this session you have a good grasp of the technological building blocks of Azure machine learning services. Just waiting to be used in your own projects afterwards.

In the session I introduce how to backup Azure Files with Veeam and how it integrates. I will go through it’s features and then do a demo of how to set it up, configure the backups and run some backups and restores

CRM Success Catalyst
Senior Technical Lead, Ensyst, MCT, MCSE
Building Azure Confidential Computing @ Microsoft
Power Platform and Dynamics Project Operations enthusiast
365 Mechanix, Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Architect
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