Global AI Student Conference

An online event organized by Global AI Community together with Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors. It is designed specifically for students, to give an introduction to the world of AI, and showcase relevant technologies.

Join this event to learn the basics, and hear from other students and educators around the world on the projects they are doing in the area of AI.



In this opening talk, we will give an overview of Global AI Student Conference and talks ahead of us, and outline the Machine Learning and AI Landscape. In particular, we will talk about: - Different domains in ML - Roadmap to ML - Democratization of AI through Cognitive Services

During this session you will learn how you can easily build your own healthcare assistant using Azure Health Bot.We will see the different parts of the portal and explore the built in scenarios!In the end ,you will be able to build your own assistant either by using the templates either by creating your own customized scenario!

Do you think that using AI to analyze text is too hard? Do you think it will take you hours or days to do it? What about if you are only starting with AI? No worries! We will show you how to use text analytics from Azure Cognitive Services to get insights from text. Come and join us in this friendly session, where you will learn how you can use this technology in your next project.

Sentiment Analysis is a NLP technique which is used to determine the emotion in a text. It determines whether the text is in a positive, negative or neutral sense. This is possible for languages that have an abundant amount of resources but the question arises when the language's resources are scarce. In this session, we will go over how sentiment analysis is done for resource scarce languages and also Azure Text Analytics API and how it works.

This session will cover an introduction to machine learning, types of machine learning, and what can machine learning do.

Learn how to build a no-code regression model with Azure Machine Learning Designer and Microsoft Learn! Regression is a supervised machine learning technique used to predict numeric values. In this session, you will learn how to train a regression model that predicts the price of an automobile based on its characteristics, evaluate, and publish the model with Azure Machine Learning Designer.

Do you know how to use PowerPoint? Then you can build Ai solutions. Seriously! The machine learning field has made so much progress over the last few years that today anyone who knows how to move a mouse across the computer screen can use it. You do not believe me? Then join this session where we will build an image recognition model to simplify nutrition tracking. I guarantee you that you will be able to train your own image recognition model afterwards. If not, I will schedule a one-on-one meeting with you until you are able to build your own image recognition model.

MMLSpark is an ecosystem of tools aimed towards expanding the distributed computing framework Apache Spark in several new directions. MMLSpark adds many deep learning and data science tools to the Spark ecosystem, including seamless integration of Spark Machine Learning pipelines with Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), LightGBM and OpenCV. These tools enable powerful and highly-scalable predictive and analytical models for a variety of datasources. In this session, we will see a simple Spark project to create a deep image classifier with transfer learning

In this session we will be appreciating the beautiful blend of AI and edge devices like microprocessors and microcontrollers. We will discuss what challenges this side of AI entails and in what aspects the end product of these edge devices prove better than their full fledged resource relaxed AI system counterparts. We will cover introduction to tensorflow lite and deploying the models towards the end.

This session would be a panel discussion involving three Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors along with industry/academic researchers. The panel would address students' concerns on how to get started in the field of research and then delve deeper into the specifics of the process from the perspective of both, students as well as experienced researchers.

We're going to take a look into an interesting research topic : "Applying Modern ML Methods To Fluid Mechanics" and see how ML is being used to solve very important and complex problems in engineering.

Smart cities development became one of the important trends for the next 10 years and brings a new reality to our daily life. By its definition, Smart cities use data and technology to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, create economic development, and enhance the quality of life factors for people living and working in the city.
AI and AR as 2 of 12 emerging technologies of the 21 century would accelerate the dynamics of smart city development and benefit society.

Using 2 different bio-inspired algorithms to find the optimal architecture for a Neural Net.

For this event I would like to discuss on how to make use of GitHub Actions and Azure Computer Vision to moderate when R rated pictures are posted in the GitHub issues of a repository either by alerting the repository maintainer or by automatically deleting the content.

We will be sharing on a project we are currently working on, building a Human Action Recognition system that can be used in the health industry for monitoring recovery of accident patients. We will share on our data collection process using sensors, data processing and building and training our model.

Make a difference with students from around the world. Grow your skills and build your reputation as a tech insider. Become a leader in your local tech community and empower your peers.

Join us in this session to learn how the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program provides clear steps to help you learn and lead so you can make a difference and empower those around you.

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