All Speakers

Senior Consultant at Microsoft
Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Board Director
Technical Architect, C# Corner MVP, Blogger, Speaker
Cloud Developer at Aparasoft
Head of Digital Innovation & Strategy at KPN Consumer Market
Software Architect, C# Corner MVP, Author
Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
Data Platform MVP, Business Applications Solutions Specialist, Trainer
Senior Developer Advocate at MongoDB
Digital Transformation Consultant at Microsoft
SharePoint/M365 Consultant
Software Engineer at Google, NgRx Core Team Member, International Speaker
Principal Solutions Architect, Data Platform MVP
Microsoft AI MVP and #kafkaonAzure Evangelista
Microsoft Regional Director & MVP, CTO for ‘The DataWorks’
Founder and Executive Vice President of Products - Striim
Founder & Chairwoman of The Bryan Allen Stevenson School of Excellence
Founder The Pathwayz Group, International Keynote Speaker
ASOS Solutions Architect
Cloud Advocate at Microsoft
MSc in Artificial intelligence and business in MGIMO. MSc in Laser technologies in BMSTU.
Passionate Microsoft Cloud Professional
Founding Partner & CEO, Bull Blockchain Law LLC
Product Management at Azure Cosmos DB
AVP Enterprise Architecture, TechBash Organizer, Microsoft MVP
Founder & Executive Director of 4th-Dimension Leaders
Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft MVP, Google GDE, Author, Speaker
Data & Applied Scientist, SQL Server/Azure SQL at Microsoft
Tech Lead, Speaker, Blogger
Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
APAC Developer Relations at Microsoft
Commercial Marketing Manager at Microsoft
Microsoft, Sr. Cloud Advocate
Data and AI Consultant, Microsoft AI MVP
Microsoft MVP, SharePoint/Office 365 Consultant, Blogger
Director of Program Management at Microsoft
Cloud Operations Engineer at Sitecore
Marketing Intern at Mindcracker
Cloud Developer Advocate, Developer Relations at Microsoft
Founder & Executive Director of The Small Things
Azure Technical Specialist focusing on Open Source Cloud Native and NoSQL Technologies
Managing Director, Data Platform MVP
Enterprise Data Architect, Data Platform MVP
Solution Architect, Evangelist & Speaker
Senior Technical Product Manager at Microsoft
Vice President of Worldwide Engineering at OverOps
Principal PM Architect at Microsoft
Head of Agility, Sr. Director at CirrusLabs
Principal Data Scientist at Microsoft
Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Microsoft 365 Consultant, Citizen Developer
Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Social Contract
Beta Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
Microsoft MVP, .Net / Xamarin / IoT dev
Dev Advocate @ Applitools & International Speaker
Undergraduate Research Assistant, DSAIL
US Country Director, Cambridge Intelligence
Senior IT Consultant, Public Speaker
Senior Database Developer, Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Senior .NET Developer, Microsoft MVP
Process Mining Expert with Power BI, PowerApps & Power Platform
Founder & CEO of andculture
Microsoft MVP, Software Architect, Consultant, Trainer, Inventor, International Speaker
Subject Matter Expert, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft MVP
International Speaker, Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert, Twilio Champion, DevRel at Microsoft
Senior Program Manager - Azure SQL / Hyperscale at Microsoft
Microsoft AI MVP
Senior Database Developer
Technical Project Manager, C# Corner MVP, Blogger, Author
Business Applications MVP, Senior Manager
SQL Database Administrator, MCT & MCSE
Microsoft MVP, Senior Software Developer
DBA and BI Administrator, Betsson Group
Executive Director at Zip Code Wilmington
Senior Consultant, Microsoft MVP, International Speaker
Software Engineering Leader, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Blogger
Program Manager at Microsoft
Undergraduate Student, Seoul National University
Business Apps MVP, Team Lead
Cloud Solution Architect - Azure MVP
Director of Innovation, Cisco Collaboration
CVP AI at Microsoft
Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
Principal Consultant at SQLskills
Lead Data and AI | Public Speaker | InSpark | Innovate to Accelerate
Microsoft RD & Azure MVP, IT Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker
Business Applications & Office Development MVP, Senior Consultant, Software Engineer, Trainer
Power Platform and Dynamics Project Operations enthusiast
Head of Development Services, Power BI Expert
Full Stack Engineer
Program Manager at Microsoft Cloud Security CXE
Electrical and Computer Engineering Student | Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
Concurrency - Senior Data Engineer
Software Engineer at Wizeline
Database Administrator, SQL Server MVP
CRM Success Catalyst
Consultant, Entrepreneur, Microsoft Regional Director & MVP
Developer Advocate at Redis Labs
CEO & Founder Aetho
BI Manager, Microsoft Data Platform MVP
DevOps Consultant, Polar Squad
Cloud Advocate at Microsoft
Founder at Explosion
Management Board Make It Noble, Experts Live Europe & Switzerland
Software Engineer, Blogger & Speaker
Cloud Solution Architect/Developer at 4DotNet, Microsoft MVP
Enterprise Consultant, RxJS Core Team Member
Vice President at Veyo Partners
CISO, Associate Professor, Microsoft MVP
Developer Advocate at Rocket Mortgage & Microsoft MVP
API Engineering lead at Vercel
IT Director & Microsoft MVP
Executive, VP, Data & AI Leader at Avanade
Consultant (RPA & AI), Speaker & Product Manager
C# Corner MVP, AWS Community Builder & Full Stack Developer
Author, Global Speaker, Executive Trainer, Serial Entrepreneur
Senior PM for .NET Data at Microsoft
Developer Advocate at MongoDB
Director of Agility & Agile Practice Leader at CirrusLabs
Microsoft MVP, Consultant, Blogger, Speaker
CEO & Co-Founder, WindowsWear
Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Marketing Communications
Microsoft MVP, Director, Technology at Quicken Loans
Chief Technologist for HPC at VMWare
Founder at Ready 365, Business Applications MVP
Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
GBB Senior Technical Specialist for NoSQL at Microsoft
Co-Founder / CEO at Moxie Labs
Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
Lead bartender at The Dorsey inside The Venetian Resort
Software Developer, Mozilla Tech Speaker, Women Who Go Bangalore Founder
Adobe, Data Engineer
Program Manager for Community Development, Neo4j
VP-Engineering, Cloud-Native Architect & Microsoft MVP
Editor of Simple Talk at Redgate
Program Manager at Microsoft
CTO, Architect, cloud specialist at ZEN Architects, Microsoft MVP
Program Manager at Microsoft
Director of Program Management
Head of Digital Factory & Transformation, Co-Founder
Business Applications MVP, IT Consultant, Speaker, Blogger
Empowering Communities via Open Source & Education
Tech Writer, Tech Speaker, OSS Contributor & Microsoft MVP
Founder & CEO of Graphistry
CTO, Sleek Technologies, Inc.
Principal Program Manager, Azure Cognitive Search, Microsoft
Manager, Modern Application Development, Valorem Reply
Associate, Community Engagement North Texas & Central Region, UNICEF USA
President/CEO of Blockchain Chamber of Commerce
Data Science Intern, Zeitworks
Microsoft MVP, Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer
Engineer, Entrepreneur & Speaker
Beta Student Ambassador - Microsoft
Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, Lead Designer of C#, International Speaker
Marketing Associate at Mindcracker
SQL Server specialist, Microsoft MVP, SQL Community organizer
Microsoft Regional Director, Azure MVP, CEO Loftysoft
Founder C# Corner, CEO Mindcracker
AI Research Assistant at DSAIL
Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Dynamics 365 Human Resources
Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador | Bachelor Student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author, GDE & Microsoft MVP
Sr. Technical Architect, C# Corner MVP, Author
Technology Specialist, Microsoft MVP, Speaker
Business Applications MVP, M365 & Power Platform Architect
Program Manager at Microsoft
Microsoft AI MVP
CSO at PAIT Group
Microsoft Data Platform MVP, PASS Regional Mentor
Collaboration Application Analyst, Microsoft MVP Business Application
Development Lead, Dynamics CRM Enthusiast
Microsoft MVP, Couchbase Developer Advocate
Microsoft MVP, Software Consultant and Trainer
C# Corner MVP, PhD Researcher, Technical Specialist & Author
Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, Trainer, Consultant
Software Architect, International Speaker
Microsoft 365 Consultant, MVP Business Applications, Trainer, Speaker
Product Manager at Microsoft
Senior Database Engineer
Senior Dev Rel at Ionic Framework & Google Developer Expert
Software Engineer, Microsoft Azure MVP
Lead Singer
Senior Developer Programs Engineer at Google, International Speaker
DevOps Engineer & Community Leader
Microsoft MVP and Solution Architect at Diyar United Company
Consultant, Microsoft MVP, International Speaker
Digital Transformation Leader Sr. Director, Johnson & Johnson
Solution Architect, Azure MVP
O365 Consultant, Microsoft MVP, Speaker
Full-Stack Developer, Microsoft MVP, International Speaker
Senior Solutions Architect at MongoDB, GDE & International Speaker
Enterprise Architect, Leadership Coach, Author, International Speaker
Undergraduate student, LPU
Entrepreneur, Blockchain Enthusiast & Advisor, Social Media Influencer
BI Developer, Data Mozart, Pluralsight Author
C# Corner MVP, Tech Architect, Trainer, & Speaker
Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
Google Developer Expert, C# Corner MVP
Founder at Whally
Microsoft MVP in AI, Head of Instruction for Data Science
Power Automate & BI Solution Architect, Microsoft MVP
Senior Backend Engineer
Director Audience Evangelism at Microsoft
Sr. Software Engineer, Deskera MVP, Google Developer Expert
Hackolade Founder & CEO
Give me an audience, I give them Azure knowledge
Software Consultant, IoT Specialist, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure MVP
CTO at SoHo Dragon
Tech Manager/Leader, Microsoft MVP, Blogger, Speaker
Software Architect, C# Corner MVP, Trainer, Author
Microsoft AI MVP, Senior Solution Architect, International Speaker
Published Author, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Azure Solutions Architect
Business Intelligence & Analytics Specialist
Solution Architect, Franklin Templeton
Web Developer, Technical Writer & AI Enthusiast
Chief Software Architect and Consultant
Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador and Student at RV College of Engineering
Digital Transformation Leader, Futurist & Visionary
Technology Specialist & Speaker
Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
Microsoft MVP, MCT, Software and Cloud Architect
Principal Consultant, Microsoft Business Applications MVP
Entrepreneur, Advisor, Rabid Podcaster
Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Singapore
Principal Architect, Enterprise & Cloud Architecture Practice
Senior Development Consultant at Microsoft, Author, .NET Foundation Member
MCT & Power Platform Evangelist
Architect, Senior Evangelist & Cloud Architect
SVP Digital Acceleration and Innovation, Wallenius
Head of BI at DevScope, Data Platform MVP
Sr. Cloud Solution Architect - Azure Data & AI
Chief Executive Officer, Think Company
Software Architect, Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert, Author & Speaker
C# Corner MVP, Solution Architect, Technology Advisor
CEO at Zure, Microsoft RD & Azure MVP
NY Times bestsellers, Hall of Fame speaker, CEO
Software Developer
Sr. Director of Engineering at Adobe
Founder & CEO Deccansoft, Microsoft Certified Trainer
Microsoft Azure MVP, Head of Integration, Blogger, Speaker
Google Developer Expert
Founder of Project 15 from Microsoft
Advocate Women in STEM, Trainer
365 Mechanix, Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Architect
CEO at Kloudatech, MVP, MCT & Cloud Security/Solutions Architect
CEO at
Director of Program Management at Microsoft
C# Corner MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer & International Speaker
Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft
Co-Founder & CEO iFoster
Cloud Advocate at Microsoft
Senior Technical Lead, Ensyst, MCT, MCSE
Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
Accenture, Application Development Analyst
Escalation Engineer, Azure Storage
Google Developer Expert
Independent Consultant, Microsoft MVP & Speaker
Microsoft RD and MVP
Lead Software Engineer, Microsoft MVP, Speaker & Author
Lead Developer, Microsoft MVP, Author & Speaker
Senior Developer, Author, Speaker
Solutions Architect, SharePoint MVP, Speaker, Author
HSO, Azure Architect, MVP, Integration, Blogger
Building Azure Confidential Computing @ Microsoft
President at PAIT Group
C# Corner Regional Community Director (India and Asia Pacific )
Co-Founder, DevOpsGroup & Microsoft RD
Partner Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation
DevOps Advocate, Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Head of Intelligent Automation at ING Wholesale Banking
Software Engineer at Guidewire Software
Senior Staff Engineer, InMobi
Practice Area Business Partner at Cognizant
Microsoft Gold Student Ambassador, Quantum & AI Research Intern, IBM
Manager IoT, Scorpulting CEO
IT Area Lead (Head of IT) ING Global Engineering Platform
Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
Data Warehouse Architect & Manager, Data Platform MVP
Security Program Manager at Microsoft
Microsoft Business Applications MVP, SharePoint & Office 365 Expert
Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft China
Senior Database Administrator, Microsoft Data Platform MVP
CRM Pre Sales Architect, Microsoft Business Applications MVP
Partner at Bull Blockchain Law LLC
Postdoctoral Researcher at the Allen Institute for AI
Developer at Liberty Mutual, Microsoft MVP (AI)
MCT, Data Engineer at Cloudstreet consulting
Principal Architect, Microsoft MVP, Author
Software Architect, C# Corner MVP, Author, Speaker
Technical Consultant, C# Corner MVP, Author & Speaker
CTO Applied Information Sciences, Microsoft Regional Director
Principal Software Engineer, C# Corner MVP, Author, Speaker
Senior Software Engineer at Monster Lead Group
Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP, Azure IoT Architect
Founder, Unity Expert, AR/VR specialist and Speaker
Principal Consultant, MS Data Platform MVP, SQL Server MCM
Software Engineer at ASB Bank, Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Microsoft AI MVP
Data Platform MVP, Consultant
Senior Consultant, Agile Expertise and Coaching
Program Manager at Microsoft, Community Speaker
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